Integrated Management System

Integrált Irányítási Rendszer
In their activities, the companies focus on complying with existing and future customer expectations.

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services, prevent injuries and accidents, decrease workplace risks, prevent the pollution of the environment, provide proper training to our employees, and constantly develop our Integrated Management System and our assets.

Our means of achieving these goals: operating a quality, environmental, and workplace safety and health system; maintaining a quality-oriented workplace atmosphere; creating harmony between corporate and individual objectives.
In our work, we do our utmost to minimize the negative effects on the environment. 

We place great emphasis on the trust and commitment of our employees, and we strive to guarantee safe workplace conditions. 

We design, develop, assemble and install the systems specified in our contracts according to the requirements of the Integrated Management System Manual.
The operation and development of our management system complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

To achieve the above objectives, our company maintains an integrated management system in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality management system standard and the EN ISO 14001 standard for environment-oriented management systems, as well as an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the MSZ 28001 standard.

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SPIE Hungaria is qualified by all Hungarian electrical utilities, as well as by the following companies 

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