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SPIE Hungaria Kft.  is 100 % owned by Germany-based (Ratingen) SPIE SAG GmbH. SPIE SAG is market leader in Germany, with major European interests in France, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This background and the accumulated know-how of the group are readily available to us and our customers.

SPIE (earlier SAG) is a typical outsourcing company, with its roots going back as far as ELMŰ and ÉMÁSZ. The steady growth following the founding of the company in 1997 was the direct result of outsourcing the activities of electricity suppliers and our ambitious corporate development plan. Our primary activities are related to domestic electricity suppliers to such an extent that sometimes we even share premises. By establishing new sites and performing acquisitions, we have achieved coverage in almost the entire country, which brings us closer to our customers.

As independent providers of design, repair, maintenance and operator services, we have become a major actor in the Hungarian electricity industry. Our employees’ expertise and decades of experience guarantee to deliver the quality customers can rely on. We provide comprehensive services in power generation, distribution and utilization. We deliver turnkey projects, from functional study to administrative authorization, design, implementation and commissioning. We also undertake the maintenance, operation and supervision of the completed facilities.

SPIE, sharing a vision for the future


1116 Budapest,
Mezőkövesd út 5-7
Tel: +36 1 238 4858


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Company data

 Full name of the companySPIE Hungaria Kft.
 Company registration number01-09-892857
 Statistical code14187834-4222-113-01
 VAT number14187834-2-43
 Registered seat1116 Budapest, Mezőkövesd út 5-7.
 Mailing address1507 Budapest Pf. 225
 Phone+36 1 238 4858
 Bank account number13100007-02505790-00403489
 Account keeping bankBNP Paribas Magyarországi Fióktelepe
 Core activityElektromos híradás-technikai célú közmű építése
 Chamber number11A53402
 Designer chamber numberC-01-02193
 Date of registration2008.01.28
 Company is registered byFővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága
 D-U-N-S number86-060-5393
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3300 Eger
Vincellériskola utca 26.


3950 Sárospatak
Bláthy Ottó utca 2.


04011 Kosice
Rastislavova 93.


1116 Budapest
Mezőkövesd út 5-7.


3561 Felsőzsolca
Turul u. 3


9028 Győr
Fehérvári u. 78.

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SPIE Hungaria's Management Board

Mr. Gábor Bercsi (CEO) is the Chairman of the Board and Mr. László Mányoki (COO) is member of the Board.

Alongside the administrative, commercial, logistics and quality assurance directorates, four divisions are involved in production activities.


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Establishment of SAG Magyarország Kft. 65 employees were outsourced from Budapesti Elektromos Művek Rt. and engaged in substation design and implementation.
Network installation and substation technological installation activities from the Miskolc and Sárospatak operational directorates of Észak-magyarországi Áramszolgáltató Rt. are outsourced to SAG Magyarország Kft.
120 kV substation equipment and transmission line maintenance activities of ELMŰ are outsourced to SAG Magyarország Kft.
Changing the name SAG Magyarország Kft. to TESSAG Hungaria Kft.
Integrated introduction and audit of the ISO 9001/2000 quality assurance system and the ISO 14001/1996 environmental management system.
Takeover of the medium and low voltage distribution network, troubleshooting and maintenance services, public lighting operation and maintenance activities, as well as small consumer services from ELMŰ and ÉMÁSZ, along with 128 employees.
The company headquarters move from Miskolc to the Felsőzsolca Industrial Park.SAG Hungaria Kft. is registered in Slovakia, with a site set up in Košice.
The EQT industrial investor group acquires SAG GmbH.Introduction and audit of the OHSAS 18001 compliant workplace safety management system: the Integrated Management System now rests on three pillars.
Establishment of SAG Mérnökiroda Kft.
Establishment of KAPSVILL-ELEKTRO Villamoshálózat Szerelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság. Outsourcing of the network installation division of Kapsvill Kft. New site set up in Győrújbarát.
On 30.09.2012 SAG Hungaria Kft. and Kapsvill-Elektro Kft. merged into SAG Holding Kft. The new name of SAG Holding is SAG Hungaria Kft.
SPIE SA buys the SAG Group. 
SPIE Hungaria is the name of the company.
From the beginning until now...
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